Weber 16140 BabyQ Rolling Duffel Bag

Product Description

The Weber BabyQ Rolling Duffel Bag, model #16140, is easy to clean and has room for all of your grilling gear. Made of heavy-duty woven polyester and has large cargo handles on the top and sides plus 2 inline-type skate wheels for easy pulling. [Learn more]

Product Features

  • Rolling duffel bag for toting Weber 'Q' or Baby 'Q' gas grill and tools
  • Made with heavy-duty woven polyester; simple-to-clean design
  • 2 inline-type skate wheels provide easy pulling
  • Large cargo handles on top and sides supply added convenience
  • Measures 28 by 16 by 15 inches

10 comments so far

  • John W. Graham (Orlando, FL United States), 2007-05-22:
    I got this bag to store by Weber BabyQ model 100 when I'm not using it. Pros: heavy duty construction, fits the grill nicely, and it has wheels. Cons: Takes up a lot of real estate wherever you store it. Another con might be the zipper - it looks like the weakest component of the bag (i.e. will probably be the first to fail) So far, the bag has held up well in all weather and picnic conditions. I always wait for the grill to completely cool before placing it in the bag, so I don't know about its heat resistence properties.
  • Harriette A. Newman "H. Newman" (Baton Rouge, LA), 2007-01-17:
    This is a great idea! A BAG to carry the grill with us when we go tail gating to watch LSU sports! Would love to have the board that attach to the side of the Baby Q...any help finding these would be great. Thanks for a great product!
  • Duffle bag is great - although once the grill gets dirty you won't want to put it in anything nice! Shipped quickly.
  • ZZdubay (Knowlton, WI), 2009-12-01:
    We wanted a way to keep the BabyQ clean & secure in the basement of the motorhome. This is a bit of overkill for that (wheels aren't really needed), but it is rugged & does what we needed it to do.
  • HappytoGrill (Ohio), 2008-11-13:
    This bag makes tailgating simple. My grill, spices, and accessories all fit, keeping things in order. The Weber quality is also evident.

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